Welcome TechStart Participants

Welcome TechStart Spring Conference Participants

I thought I should say hello to my fellow CS, web design, & other various and sundry technology teachers at the Techstart & OCSTA Spring Conference. I have spared no expense to bring you the latest in open and free tools for use in the classroom and doing what we do. I just wish our students appreciated how cool things are with the advances in open-source technology like we do.

Can you remember life before the World Wide Web? I remember trying to learn how to program games. Of course, this was when Defender was the latest video game. The movie Tron had recently came out, and…I digress. I’m seriously dating myself.

My point is that we’ve got the best gadgets, and they’re all free! W00t! 

Note: once the conference is over, I’ll create a link to the wiki I created for my presentation (web20toolsfortheclassroom.pbwiki.com).