The LOST Fans Are Livid

There are many angry folk out there who are complaining about tonight’s LOST episode: Across the Sea. Much of the chatter seems to be saying things like “it looks like the writers never planned this from the beginning,” or “they’re just making stuff up because the fans figured out the island was Purgatory, so the writers changed it to try to throw off the fan base.”

I’m not so livid. I actually kind of liked the episode, but I do think the way they answered who the “Adam and Eve” were from the cave in season one was a bad call. They basically recycled the scenes where Jack and Kate are looking at the bodies and Locke comes in and says the island has its own “Adam and Eve.”

This was clearly an attempt to pander to the more casual LOST viewer.  If fans can at least stick through to the final season then either a) they will already remember that scene or b) be used to “unsolved” mysteries. I guess I’m mostly upset about it because the thing that drew me to the show was that they never seemed to have a problem with making us figure things out on our own. Heck, it wasn’t until the final two seasons that they revealed the nature of the smoke monster.

I guess we just have to realize that this is a TV show, not a movie, not the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I think I can live with that, and my response to those who continue to complain is…

Whatever happened, happened. Deal with it!