Nerds, Aim High

Calling all Code Red-swilling teen computer geeks! The US Air Force wants you. In light of all the cybercrime threats and warnings, the US Air Force is seeking new recruits to train to fight on the front optical-fiber lines.

It’s about time, in light of all the buzz about China’s PLA cadre of cyberwarriors.

The Air Force is also seeking full-timers for AFCYBER. Future cyberwarriors may be more couch geek than fit flyboy – not “the same kind of folks that perhaps you want to march to breakfast in the morning,” Air Force Col. Jeff Kendall told the Council on Foreign Relations in March.

Does that mean they’re going to recruit ex-hackers who have made plea-bargains to avoid conviction?

The colonel also suggested the Air Force may have to make exceptions to its entry standards and recruit ex-hackers, who may have committed computer-related crimes or have a felony conviction for unlawfully cracking a network.

As a high school teacher of technology, I could refer the Air Force to some future “cyber-warriors.” I think I would rather some of them turn their energy away from trying to break the school district’s firewalls and put it to use defending our power-grids and government agencies.