LOST: The Substitute

As we rush headlong into the finale for the best television show of all time (and I will gladly defend the honor of LOST to anyone), let’s pause and cherish the last few episodes. Let’s not be in such a hurry to get answers that we fail to enjoy the mystery. 

Let’s not forget to savor the character development. When was the last show to have such richly drawn characters as the hotpocket toting, lottery-winning, dharma van jump-starting, I see dead people Hugo Reyes?

Some day–not far from now–we’ll miss the eager anticipation we had each week to find out if we’ll hear the godzilla-like rumblings of the smoke monster, or debate over the water cooler if Henry Gale is really an other, or ponder the meaning of Jack’s tatoo, or even choose sides as to who Kate will end up with (come on, you know you did that once upon a time). In under half a year, we’ll no longer share Charley’s (excuse me, Cholly’s) interogative: “where are we?” You’ll be sad; you’ll compare every other show to LOST only to find them sorely lacking. You’ll watch seasons of shows with some kind of twist languish on because their writers won’t have the guts to end the show .

No, you’ll wish you could go back to that time of wonder, but it will be tougher than convincing the Oceanic six to return. Then, you’ll fondly recall this moment.

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