LOST: The Package

How many seasons, how many decades, and how many episodes have we had to watch poor Jin and Sun pining away looking for the one they loved? Well, we hopefully will not only see Jin and Sun reunited in this coming episode, but we’ll find out who it was that Sun’s father wanted Jin to deliver the package to.

A Recap of the Saga of Sun and Jin

Before I launch into the live blog, we need a recap of Jin and Sun’s story. The end of season 4 was the last time Jin and Sun saw each other. Jin was on the freighter that blew into smithereens just as the helicopter was taking off. Then, pregnant Sun became a team member of the Oceanic Six (kind of like Ocean’s Eleven but without the bank heists) where she mourned Jin’s death (that was such a sad episode, which ironically enough was earlier in season 4 (during all the flash forwards)).

While Sun was going over the O6 plan, Jin was struggling through the time flashes while floating among flotsam and witnessing Danielle Rousseau’s team slip into madness and destruction. Jin, along with all our other time-skipping LOSTies finally rested in 1974 at the heydey of the Dharma initiative (thanks to Locke fixing the donkey wheel).

For three years, and this is the trippy part, between 1974 and 1977 AND between 2004 and 2007, Sun and Jin are apart: Sun in the “here and now” and Jin in the “there and then.” This lasts until the incident, when our time travelers get thrown back into the future (as well as into tree branches high in the air) at the beginning of this season.

Finally, halfway into the final season of LOST, it looks like Sun and Jin will be re-united, and it’s about time. I’m getting tired of Sun being relegated to hanging clothes and asking questions like “have you seen my husband?” “where’s Jin?” or “who’s that guy?” and “oh, that’s interesting.”

I miss the conniving, oar-toting, Ben-smacking woman who buys out a controlling share of her father’s corporation, threatens her blackmailing mother-in-law, and throws her poor family servant under the bus (metaphorically speaking of course) after she breaks the crystal ballerina.

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