LOST: The Last Recruit

The Man in Black formerly known as Locke has been gathering, cajoling, threatening, and manipulating people to his side in the war against Jacob, and he’s finally going to take a shot at recruiting the last of the candidates who have not already been killed or thrown into a well: namely,

~WARNING SPOILER THEORY~ Blur your eyes for the next part if you don’t want to know what I discovered from watching the sneak peak for next week:

Jack. Yes, Jack is the last recruit (or so I think).

If you watched the sneak peakĀ  from the abc website, you’ll notice that the UnLocke will try to persuade Jack by denigrating Locke’s faith in the island. It’s a good tactic to play against Jack, who has wrestled back and forth between being a man of science and a man of destiny

“this is our destiny”

The central question is what will Jack do? How will Jack process Locke’s offer to join him and his cause to get off the island. There once was a time, when Jack pulled out all the stops to get himself and the LOSTies off the island (remember the Oceanic 6?). Not more than 3 years passed off island, and Jack was growing facial hair screaming,

“We have to go back, Kate!”

So what will it be, Jack? How will you decide?


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LOST Live Blog: The Last Recruit