LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo

They got that part right. Everybody does love Hugo. At least every self-respecting LOSTie loves Hugo.

With that being said, however, I don’t think that the title has to do with all us fans. I think it has to do with the side-flashes. Remember how Hurley tried to get Locke all set up with a position high up in his box company (you know, the one that burned down in the MTL (main timeline)). I think that Hurley will continue his streak with good luck in the sideways. Heck, maybe even Trisha Tanaka is alive and well in the sideways! Maybe they’re even an item.

What this thought brings me to is my attitude towards the sideways. I somehow think it’s too candy-coated to be real. I’m starting to think that it’s either a temptation for the LOSTies (what they think they want) or it’s what some entity (cough…MIB) thinks the characters would like. The perfect example of the candy-coating is Widmore telling Desmond “Nothing but the best…” — that quote just seemed wrong to me. It all feels just a little fake and just a little too good to be true.

It reminds me of an obscure album by an obscure band called Breakfast With Amy. Their album title was “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.” The title, like the sideways seems ironic. As an audience, I think we’re supposed to realize that it’s a dream…a fantasy as it were.

One other note: someone (I don’t recall who) theorized that the sideways might be the result of Desmond not being on the island to push the button. I definitely think that every major release of a huge pocket of energy messes with the timeline somehow (Desmond not pushing the button thereby bringing down 815 to the island, Desmond flipping the fail-safe key, Ben turning the donkey wheel, Locke fixing the donkey wheel, and the “incident”).

Only five more episodes left in this wonderful show before all my crackpot theories are realized or crushed in one fell blow. Let’s see what this latest episode will reveal.

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