LOST: Across the Sea

I think I’m still mourning the loss of Jin and Sun. It was quite the “Through the Looking Glass” type moment, complete with Charlie theme, blinking red lights and all. I feel like I bonded with Jack and Hurley too. Jack had the better man-cry, but Hurley’s sobs on the beach got to me more. Unfortunately, we’ll have to leave our remaining LOSTies on the beach and turn our attention to a location across the sea.

According to our crack team of expert research analysts (aka Hundred Visions Babe), this episode (and the third to last episode of them all) is going to appeal to the fans of Ab Aeterno, of which I am one. It’s more of the island mythology, which has always been an interest of mine ever since Sayid pointed out the four toes on what was left of our iconic statue. I could go on, but I would rather just watch it than talk about it.

However, before I do, I should point out that Alyson Janney, Kaiser Permanente voice-over and West Wing starlet, is cast as “mother.” But whose mother is she?  Tune in tonight and see.

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