LOST: Ab Aeterno

“Since the beginning of time” is the translation of tonight’s episode, and it promises to answer some of the most important questions of LOST (or so I hope). Namely, it promises to answer the big question that Charlie—excuse me—Cholly posed for us all in the first episode: “Where are we?”

Yes, if you watched the teaser at the end of LOST last week, Richard is just about to spill the beans about what the island is when they cut to another scene. Yes, hopefully, we’ll find out what that zany island is all about. I hope it wasn’t placed by aliens or anything, but that donkey wheel that Ben turned and Locke had to fix, sure doesn’t seem like something the Phoenicians did a few millenia ago.

In fact, before we go to the live blog, I want to pose what, in my mind, the producers still need (and most probably will answer). Mind you, I don’t think all questions will or should be answered, but the ones that plague me most are as follows (in no particular order):

  • What was the purge all about? It seems that Richard had a hand in it, and by extension, Jacob had something to say. It seems to cast a bad light on Jacob, but then again, MIB is definitely capable of manipulating the others for his own malevolent ways.
  • What’s up with Desmond? Ellie told Desmond that the island wasn’t finished with him yet, and I believe her. Not to mention I need to hear him call someone ‘brutha’ again
  • What’s Man In Black (MIB)’s name? I still think it’s Esau, as in Jacob and Esau, as in Jacob I’ve loved, but Esau I hated. You know, the hairy older brother who sold his birthright and got suckered out of his blessing (note: Jacob got the idea from his mother, and just last week, MIB disparaged his “crazy” mother
  • What exactly is the “game” or wager between Jacob and MIB? MIB said “they come, they fight, they destroy; it always ends the same,” to which Jacob says it only ends once; everything up until then is progress
  • Is Jacob truly one of the “good guys”? I think it’s painfully obvious that MIB is nothing short of evil incarnate, or at least one seriously warped individual.
  • Will the candidate get to ride around the island in a glass elevator?

I would pose my last question: What’s up with Richard? But why ask it when it’s clear that it will get answered in tonight’s episode: Ab Aeterno

Watch the LOST Live Blog: Ab Aeterno live (or just read my notes later)