Chinese Hacking into our Power Grids!

Some US intelligence agents think the Chinese were able to influence the blackouts in the Northeast back in 2003.

There has never been an official U.S. government assertion of Chinese involvement in the outage, but intelligence and other government officials contacted for this story did not explicitly rule out a Chinese role. One security analyst in the private sector with close ties to the intelligence community said that some senior intelligence officials believe that China played a role in the 2003 blackout that is still not fully understood.

According to the article, the Chinese have been working on mapping our power-grid structure, and possibly was in the process of mapping Florida’s power-grid when a hacker inadvertantly triggered a power outtage in February.

Apparently, the attacks on our corporate and government agencies are “relentless.” So, if you are a corporate big wig about to meet with the Chinese, you may want to check your computer when you get back. I recommend bring hard copies only.

Stay tuned…