OSU SuperQuest WordPress Showcase

I wanted to show off the brilliant work of my WordPress workshop participants from the Web Design: from Soup to Nuts course at OSU a few weeks back. Students (mostly teachers) learned about the core web technologies used in WordPress (X/HMTL, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL), manually installed WordPress on a server, developed a blog or website using WordPress, and learned how to modify the layout & structure of their site using the Appearance Editor.
Click a thumbnail to visit the site:

Sanders' Resources

Sander’s Resources
Image of Rainy Day Books Website

Rainy Day Books
Picture of Math Dude screenshot

Math Dude’s website

Picture of the Literature website

Literature is About Life web site
Image of THS Tech website

Tigard High School Tech Website
Picture of Twenty-Five into Twenty-Four Website

Twenty-five into Twenty-four Website

I had more participants, but I’m still waiting to see if they’ll send me the links to their sites. If I get more, I’ll post them here.

Web Design from Soup to Nuts PowerPoints

This post is intended for all OSU SuperQuest workshop participants, but I share the resources freely for all the world to see. I hope the notes make sense out of context.

Web Design From Soup to Nuts Introduction

Web Design From Soup to Nuts Day Two

I should make the disclaimer that I never did codify the explanation of MySQL and PHP in a PowerPoint presentation, so there is no record, other than oral tradition. If you would like an overview of MySQL and PHP, you should read the W3School’s tutorials on MySQL and PHP.

Stupid Browser Tricks: Day 3 – PHP Form Validation

Here is my PowerPoint that I planned to present during the workshop: PHP Form Validation PowerPoint 


I must make 2 disclaimers. One, you should type F5 to view this as a PowerPoint, or some slides will not make sense (I overlapped some code and animated the presentation).

Two, the Powerpoint is just an introduction to form validation. The content I present is only at a hobbyist level at best, this is not meant to cover all aspects of security. Trying to create your own email processor would most likely lead you open to all kinds of attacks. If you really want a decent PHP form processor, I highly recommend you look into Tectite Forms.