Emmy Nominees

I just had to post on the Emmy nominees to point out a few, LOST-related nods. I’m hoping that the Emmy voters (who are they anyway) do what the Oscars did for Return of the King, where since the series is over, they will shower LOST with Emmys to show their appreciation for what the show has done to our culture (and prime time for that matter). 

Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series: Ab Aeterno

“Ab Aeterno” is pitted against Glee (should not stand a chance), Modern Family’s “Moon Landing” (which I must say was hilarious, but not on par), Heroes “Brave New World” (is that show still on?), and HBO’s “True Blood” (I think this is the only one that might give LOST a run for its money).   

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series: Jack Bender

This nominee was for Jack Bender’s work on “The End.” Just like the Oscars gave a nod to Peter Jackson with Return of the King, the Emmys should give a nod to Jack Bender. I hope we haven’t seen the last of him. 

Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)

Whom else but Michael Giacchino deserves an Emmy for his compositions? When he gets his Emmy (he must receive one), it will truly be a nod to his body of LOST work, seeing as the Emmy will be for “The End” and Giacchino weaved all of the beloved LOST musical themes so deftly in that episode. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

As much of a LOSTie as I am, I want to point out that I’m not so into LOST that I’m blind to other talent out there, and just to prove it, I’m going to concede that I’m not sure if Matthew Fox will pull this one off. If he does, it’s got to be for his two (count them: two) great man cry scenes (on the beach after his realization that Jin and Sun died, and with his father at the church). He has his work cut out for him though because he’s going against the Dexter guy as well as Hugh Laurie (House). I still think he most probably will, and if he does it’s more because of the fact that it’s the last chance to award Emmys for LOST. 

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

The Emmys are standing in between Scylla and Charybdis here. Like Sophie’s choice, the Emmys must decide between the two best actors on television…IN HISTORY! Michael Emerson as Ben or Terry O’Quinn as The Man in Black posing as Locke (or Faux Locke or just Flocke). I hate to even consider choosing between the two. I think if I had to make a choice (let’s say a gun was pointed to my head), then I would have to go for Michael Emerson (but just barely). I hope Terry will forgive me if he reads this. 

Terry’s strength is his range (from confident hunter and gatherer Locke to cowering unsteady Locke who just lost his faith in the island to the duplicitous “it was all their fault that I killed everyone in the temple” Flocke). Michael Emerson’s strength is in the nuance and the subtle details. Only a rare handful of actors could ever pull off a character like Ben. If you aren’t sure, just rewatch the episode in season 2 (The Whole Truth) when “Henry” tells the LOSTies that if he were an other, he would have led the LOSTies to a secluded place where they would be ambushed by his people so they could trade the LOSTies for him. He says it with such a cat and mouse type toying that you cannot tell if that’s his real plan or he’s just messing with them (and it’s all played with such subtlety). 

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

Is there any doubt who deserves the Emmy. If they could award an Oscar, they should do it for the writing of LOST as well (who cares if it was made for television, it’s better than many movies).

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet in “The End” got the nomination here. I don’t think I watched any of her rivals in the list of nominees. It’s lucky she got nominated seeing as she only made a few minor appearances in the rest of the season. She has always done a great job, so I’m not surprised, but I might not be too shocked if she doesn’t get the award. 

Outstanding Drama Series

No question in my mind. Emmy people, you know what to do. 

Outstanding Special Class Programs

This one goes to the Mysteries of the Universe – The Dharma Initiative, and I have to say that it should get it because of its inventiveness. If you ever saw In Search Of… (hosted by Leonard Nimoy), then you know exactly where the inspiration came from. What a great way to extend the “mythology” of LOST! I loved it. 

Other Nominations

Let’s just say they should all go to LOST: 

  • Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)

LOST: What They Died For

Who died and what did they die for? Are we going to find out about the Purge? The death of our beloved LOSTies? The death of everyone once the island was done with them? I’m hoping there’s a good reason for the many deaths on LOST (other than it makes for good ratings).

We’re almost to the end of the best show on television…ever. A week from now, I’ll be moping around waiting to see how many decades it will be before another phenomenal ground-breaking show appears. I’m hoping that the producers’ decision to write a show with an end in mind will encourage other producers to do the same. I’ve never been a fan of tele-novelas, but I’ve always admired their willingness to write a several season show that has a finite ending.

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The LOST Fans Are Livid

There are many angry folk out there who are complaining about tonight’s LOST episode: Across the Sea. Much of the chatter seems to be saying things like “it looks like the writers never planned this from the beginning,” or “they’re just making stuff up because the fans figured out the island was Purgatory, so the writers changed it to try to throw off the fan base.”

I’m not so livid. I actually kind of liked the episode, but I do think the way they answered who the “Adam and Eve” were from the cave in season one was a bad call. They basically recycled the scenes where Jack and Kate are looking at the bodies and Locke comes in and says the island has its own “Adam and Eve.”

This was clearly an attempt to pander to the more casual LOST viewer.  If fans can at least stick through to the final season then either a) they will already remember that scene or b) be used to “unsolved” mysteries. I guess I’m mostly upset about it because the thing that drew me to the show was that they never seemed to have a problem with making us figure things out on our own. Heck, it wasn’t until the final two seasons that they revealed the nature of the smoke monster.

I guess we just have to realize that this is a TV show, not a movie, not the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I think I can live with that, and my response to those who continue to complain is…

Whatever happened, happened. Deal with it!

LOST: Across the Sea

I think I’m still mourning the loss of Jin and Sun. It was quite the “Through the Looking Glass” type moment, complete with Charlie theme, blinking red lights and all. I feel like I bonded with Jack and Hurley too. Jack had the better man-cry, but Hurley’s sobs on the beach got to me more. Unfortunately, we’ll have to leave our remaining LOSTies on the beach and turn our attention to a location across the sea.

According to our crack team of expert research analysts (aka Hundred Visions Babe), this episode (and the third to last episode of them all) is going to appeal to the fans of Ab Aeterno, of which I am one. It’s more of the island mythology, which has always been an interest of mine ever since Sayid pointed out the four toes on what was left of our iconic statue. I could go on, but I would rather just watch it than talk about it.

However, before I do, I should point out that Alyson Janney, Kaiser Permanente voice-over and West Wing starlet, is cast as “mother.” But whose mother is she?  Tune in tonight and see.

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LOST: The Candidate

We are only weeks away from the grand finale of LOST. This week’s episode, titled, “The Candidate,” seems to be a Jack and Locke centric episode. By now, Locke should be recalling island memories. If so, does that mean he knows his eventual fate? Does he know the extent of his toolishness to MIB? What does he think of Ben now? Does he know anything about events after his return on flight 316. Sure, MIB stole his body, but that doesn’t mean Locke can’t share some memories, can it?

Does the candidate refer to Jack? Does it refer to Locke and being the candidate for back surgery (Jack did think he was a candidate for surgery). Knowing LOST, it refers to both, and possibly it refers to something else.

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LOST: The Last Recruit

The Man in Black formerly known as Locke has been gathering, cajoling, threatening, and manipulating people to his side in the war against Jacob, and he’s finally going to take a shot at recruiting the last of the candidates who have not already been killed or thrown into a well: namely,

~WARNING SPOILER THEORY~ Blur your eyes for the next part if you don’t want to know what I discovered from watching the sneak peak for next week:

Jack. Yes, Jack is the last recruit (or so I think).

If you watched the sneak peak  from the abc website, you’ll notice that the UnLocke will try to persuade Jack by denigrating Locke’s faith in the island. It’s a good tactic to play against Jack, who has wrestled back and forth between being a man of science and a man of destiny

“this is our destiny”

The central question is what will Jack do? How will Jack process Locke’s offer to join him and his cause to get off the island. There once was a time, when Jack pulled out all the stops to get himself and the LOSTies off the island (remember the Oceanic 6?). Not more than 3 years passed off island, and Jack was growing facial hair screaming,

“We have to go back, Kate!”

So what will it be, Jack? How will you decide?


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LOST Live Blog: The Last Recruit

LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo

They got that part right. Everybody does love Hugo. At least every self-respecting LOSTie loves Hugo.

With that being said, however, I don’t think that the title has to do with all us fans. I think it has to do with the side-flashes. Remember how Hurley tried to get Locke all set up with a position high up in his box company (you know, the one that burned down in the MTL (main timeline)). I think that Hurley will continue his streak with good luck in the sideways. Heck, maybe even Trisha Tanaka is alive and well in the sideways! Maybe they’re even an item.

What this thought brings me to is my attitude towards the sideways. I somehow think it’s too candy-coated to be real. I’m starting to think that it’s either a temptation for the LOSTies (what they think they want) or it’s what some entity (cough…MIB) thinks the characters would like. The perfect example of the candy-coating is Widmore telling Desmond “Nothing but the best…” — that quote just seemed wrong to me. It all feels just a little fake and just a little too good to be true.

It reminds me of an obscure album by an obscure band called Breakfast With Amy. Their album title was “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.” The title, like the sideways seems ironic. As an audience, I think we’re supposed to realize that it’s a dream…a fantasy as it were.

One other note: someone (I don’t recall who) theorized that the sideways might be the result of Desmond not being on the island to push the button. I definitely think that every major release of a huge pocket of energy messes with the timeline somehow (Desmond not pushing the button thereby bringing down 815 to the island, Desmond flipping the fail-safe key, Ben turning the donkey wheel, Locke fixing the donkey wheel, and the “incident”).

Only five more episodes left in this wonderful show before all my crackpot theories are realized or crushed in one fell blow. Let’s see what this latest episode will reveal.

Watch LOST: Everybody Loves Hugo and see

LOST: The Package

How many seasons, how many decades, and how many episodes have we had to watch poor Jin and Sun pining away looking for the one they loved? Well, we hopefully will not only see Jin and Sun reunited in this coming episode, but we’ll find out who it was that Sun’s father wanted Jin to deliver the package to.

A Recap of the Saga of Sun and Jin

Before I launch into the live blog, we need a recap of Jin and Sun’s story. The end of season 4 was the last time Jin and Sun saw each other. Jin was on the freighter that blew into smithereens just as the helicopter was taking off. Then, pregnant Sun became a team member of the Oceanic Six (kind of like Ocean’s Eleven but without the bank heists) where she mourned Jin’s death (that was such a sad episode, which ironically enough was earlier in season 4 (during all the flash forwards)).

While Sun was going over the O6 plan, Jin was struggling through the time flashes while floating among flotsam and witnessing Danielle Rousseau’s team slip into madness and destruction. Jin, along with all our other time-skipping LOSTies finally rested in 1974 at the heydey of the Dharma initiative (thanks to Locke fixing the donkey wheel).

For three years, and this is the trippy part, between 1974 and 1977 AND between 2004 and 2007, Sun and Jin are apart: Sun in the “here and now” and Jin in the “there and then.” This lasts until the incident, when our time travelers get thrown back into the future (as well as into tree branches high in the air) at the beginning of this season.

Finally, halfway into the final season of LOST, it looks like Sun and Jin will be re-united, and it’s about time. I’m getting tired of Sun being relegated to hanging clothes and asking questions like “have you seen my husband?” “where’s Jin?” or “who’s that guy?” and “oh, that’s interesting.”

I miss the conniving, oar-toting, Ben-smacking woman who buys out a controlling share of her father’s corporation, threatens her blackmailing mother-in-law, and throws her poor family servant under the bus (metaphorically speaking of course) after she breaks the crystal ballerina.

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LOST: Ab Aeterno

“Since the beginning of time” is the translation of tonight’s episode, and it promises to answer some of the most important questions of LOST (or so I hope). Namely, it promises to answer the big question that Charlie—excuse me—Cholly posed for us all in the first episode: “Where are we?”

Yes, if you watched the teaser at the end of LOST last week, Richard is just about to spill the beans about what the island is when they cut to another scene. Yes, hopefully, we’ll find out what that zany island is all about. I hope it wasn’t placed by aliens or anything, but that donkey wheel that Ben turned and Locke had to fix, sure doesn’t seem like something the Phoenicians did a few millenia ago.

In fact, before we go to the live blog, I want to pose what, in my mind, the producers still need (and most probably will answer). Mind you, I don’t think all questions will or should be answered, but the ones that plague me most are as follows (in no particular order):

  • What was the purge all about? It seems that Richard had a hand in it, and by extension, Jacob had something to say. It seems to cast a bad light on Jacob, but then again, MIB is definitely capable of manipulating the others for his own malevolent ways.
  • What’s up with Desmond? Ellie told Desmond that the island wasn’t finished with him yet, and I believe her. Not to mention I need to hear him call someone ‘brutha’ again
  • What’s Man In Black (MIB)’s name? I still think it’s Esau, as in Jacob and Esau, as in Jacob I’ve loved, but Esau I hated. You know, the hairy older brother who sold his birthright and got suckered out of his blessing (note: Jacob got the idea from his mother, and just last week, MIB disparaged his “crazy” mother
  • What exactly is the “game” or wager between Jacob and MIB? MIB said “they come, they fight, they destroy; it always ends the same,” to which Jacob says it only ends once; everything up until then is progress
  • Is Jacob truly one of the “good guys”? I think it’s painfully obvious that MIB is nothing short of evil incarnate, or at least one seriously warped individual.
  • Will the candidate get to ride around the island in a glass elevator?

I would pose my last question: What’s up with Richard? But why ask it when it’s clear that it will get answered in tonight’s episode: Ab Aeterno

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