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Dude, What’s My User Agent?

I’m just wrapping up a 45+ hour WordPress project, and I’m in testing and refining mode, and lo and behold, iPads and iPhone browsers don’t want to display like the other browsers. When I test on the iOS browsers, I have text that’s partially hidden and has to be raised 70 pixels. The odd thing […]

OSU SuperQuest WordPress Showcase

I wanted to show off the brilliant work of my WordPress workshop participants from the Web Design: from Soup to Nuts course at OSU a few weeks back. Students (mostly teachers) learned about the core web technologies used in WordPress (X/HMTL, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL), manually installed WordPress on a server, developed a blog or website…

Website Layouts Made Simple Starter Code

I’m in the heart of open source country: Corvallis, Oregon, preparing to teach a workshop on website layout design for the 2010 SuperQuest Summer Institute at Oregon State University. I’ll be covering a variety of CSS techniques to generate cross-browser layouts (1, 2, & 3-column). We’ll also cover typography, use of color, background graphic positioning, and other fun techniques.