Make a Basic HTML Page with Headers & Paragraphs

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Get started making websites now. This is a beginner-level video on how to get started making web pages. It begins with a template you can download and begin using now, and ends with a very simple biography page with two levels of headers and two paragraphs of text.

I decided to pull any references to my name off of the video since it’s published on YouTube, which offered a great opportunity to have more fun (with the blur tool and a Monty Python reference).

The Bell Tolls for IE6

Do I hear correctly? Is that the sound of millions of IE6 voices suddenly crying out in terror and being silenced?

After spending years of griping about IE6’s staying power and lamenting Microsoft’s earlier decision to advocate against upgrading to IE7 (a decision they didn’t stick with, thankfully), Microsoft has turned a new leaf today, announcing that they will be pushing updates to IE to anyone who takes part in their Windows Update service.

What does this mean? Well, it means that grandma will be upgraded to IE8 if she’s still on Windows XP or IE9 if she’s on Vista or Windows 7.

I hope this is correct. Just in case, however, I think Microsoft needs a way of pulling a double-tap on IE6. I keep thinking it will return from the dead. Am I the only one?